MOE Primary school syllabus: Prepping for success!

Primary schools are the base foundation of an individual’s building career. They provide the strong base and the basics of education regarding the trickiest and difficult questions to you that are about real life and about academics too, and the answers are beneficial to both real-life and academic situations.

Therefore, you must have the right educational backup before you step into the real world difficulties and advanced levels of the education that you require for pursuing a career you have always dreamt of achieving.

The primary school science syllabus has the involvement of the most important and beneficial blend of subjects that cover a wider spectrum of educational needs that are fulfilled when the pupil passes their first national exam which is the PSLE i.e Primary School LEaving Examination.

MOE Primary school syllabus

What is MOE? Why is their syllabus important?

MOE Primary school science syllabus is the syllabus that is provided to the primary schools by the ministry of education in Singapore. They provide the schools with the information and the subjects that are being placed in the schedule for a pupil’s academic year.

This schedule helps the children to focus on the subjects more extensively and help the children to prepare themselves better for the upcoming examinations and academic difficulties.

This exam syllabus consists of a blend of four major subjects which are English, science, mathematics, and their mother tongue language. Achieving a beneficial feat in all of these subjects will make the pupil emerge capable of moving ahead to secondary school education and the examinations followed by that.

The pupils seeking education from primary school science have a six-year-long duration before they appear for their first national examination which is the primary school-leaving examination. In these six years, the children gain knowledge and education starting from Primary 1 to Primary 6, and the books and topics which are taught to these kids and children every succeeding year have continuations and resemblances from topics and subjects that they were taught from the preceding year.

This makes it easy for these students to have a continued grasp over the subject or the topic for the long term which results in them gaining a moderate amount of knowledge and understanding regarding it.

The MOE Primary school science syllabus provides the pupils with the curriculum of primary school science and another such subject which contribute to the pupil’s intellect boosting and make them understand the benefits of learning science and the importance of having this intelligence in today’s date.