Singapore Funeral Service: Everything You Need To Know

No matter where it is held, a funeral is a structured ceremony with an end, a middle, and a beginning. Each such funeral is known to intend to engage the participants in various activities which are known to completely transform their status within the community in this day and age. It also provides mourners with a collective experience for grieving and is known for celebrating a life lived by someone. It is nothing but a socially acceptable way to express and reaffirm the social attachments of the members of a community.

Anthropologists label a funeral as a rite of the way that affects every person involved; this includes the deceased. Their status in society tends to dramatically change to one whose contributions tend to be in the past and are relegated to various memories from a living member who has been a perfect contributor to society.

Each person surviving, most especially the immediate family, also changes. The singapore funeral service proves to be a start of a well-defined period of mourning for family members known to be bereaved. It significantly marks the transition of living in a uniquely identifiable way.

What are traditional funeral services? 

Traditional funeral services include the following:

  • Visitation

It is generally called a wake of a viewing. Under this, various guests tend to come and pay respects to the deceased by spending time with the grieving family and viewing their casketed bodies. A visitation can take place at any time before the funeral service.

  • Funeral service

This event generally occurs at the graveside, a church, or a funeral home. It includes music, the singing of hymns, a eulogy, the reading of religious or literary passages, etc.

  • Committal service

In case the family decides to bury the deceased, the committal service stage tends to involve the procession of the vehicle to the cemetery, the committal service, and the casket placement in the vault for burying the remains of the deceased.

Whether modern or traditional (either celebration-of-life or memorial service), a funeral service possesses two primary functions: to bring the grieving friends and family members together in support and love of and for one another during such difficult times and to acknowledge the lifetime achievements and deaths of the individual.


The primary focus of a funeral, no matter when and where tends to lie in acknowledging change. Undoubtedly, the community and individuals have trouble dealing with profound changes, such as the death of an integral member of their group. If you wish to realize the immense value of acknowledging loss, go for asingapore funeral service.