The healthy foods which you should be eating

An eating plan can help you in maintaining good health. It is said that the number of colors available on your plate means it is that healthy. Healthy food will help you to improve your immunity system and a better immunity system in your body will keep you away from falling sick. Most of us want to eat healthy food every day but when you go to the store you can find many options and do not understand which is good for you or which is healthier. Let us see some of the best foods which are suggested by the experts.

  • Fruit: You can eat fruits in any form like fresh, frozen, or canned. Try to eat all the varieties of fruit if you do not have any restrictions. Eat all the available season’s fruits in the market. If you want to eat fruit that is not in the season then you can opt for canned, dried, or frozen. But make sure that you check before you pick the canned or dried fruit as they may contain more sugar quantity. It is always better to pick the canned or dried fruit which is stored in the water or the fruit juice.
  • Vegetables: You can eat all the varieties of vegetables. You can grill them or steam to enhance the taste you can add some herbs to them. If you like to sauté the vegetable then use a non-stick pan and just spray the oil and sauté the vegetables. If you are buying canned vegetables then make sure it does not have much salt or butter in it.
  • Calcium-rich food: You can take fat-free milk and not only is that for calcium the other best option yogurt. You can find many different flavors of yogurt in the market. But it should be of low fat and no sugar in it.
  • Meats: If you are fond of eating chicken or fish then you can choose to grill them. If not grilling then you can search for some recipes which have fewer calories.
  • Comfort food: Eating healthy food does not mean that you miss all your favorite food. You can eat them but only once in a while and if it has more calories than eat in smaller amounts. You can also try making your comfort food by using less fat or calories ingredients. 


Eating healthy food is a good choice but to continue it you need to be focused and always remember your goal of being healthy. You can also hang a picture which has all the benefits of staying fit.