Importance of technology in our life

Technology has become an unavoidable part of each life. The world has become so advanced that imagining to live without technology is not possible. In each and everything, we are dependent upon technology. We all very well know how technology has played the most important role in this pandemic situation. All the communication, jobs, schools survived just because of the technology. Let us see some important areas where we need technology.

  • Communication: The most important usage of technology is for communication. Through social media we can connect to all our family members, we can connect with the entire old school friend. Not only with our family and friend but we can communicate with the famous personality of the world. Nowadays the people are not much worried about their dear ones as they can talk to them through mobile phones and can get know about their welfare.
  • Technology helps in legal work: Technology has helped us to improve the laws and regulations. In today’s world, one can early record the crime scenes by using phone cameras, CCTV, and many more. Due to the systems, we can find criminal information from anywhere in the world. There are many gadgets that have helped maintain the law and order in the country.
  • Internet: The reason that today we can sit and work from anywhere in the world is the internet. We have clients from all over the globe and we are able to deliver services to them due to the internet. The Covid situation has proven that if we have internet we can work even though you’re closed in a room.
  • Knowledge: In the past, if we have to complete any project we used to run around to the different libraries in our place to gather the information. Even after so much running up and down, we end up getting incomplete information. But today using Google we can find any information sitting at our home. You can gain any knowledge you need from the internet. You might not be at an age to go and learn from some institute but if you have a system and internet you can learn anything without age difference.
  • Education: Technology has given access to many people who study from top universities of the world staying at their own place. In this way, many of them who cannot effort to moving to different countries can also achieve the degree they dreamed of. 


Every good thing has ill effects, so we need to only take the good from it and avoid unwanted things.