What should you Know Before Undergoing Cancer Treatment?

Cancer can make or break families and people. When you think everything is correct with your life, it arrives to tell you otherwise. Cancer is physically draining for the patient and mentally crumbling for the family. Suddenly, your family dynamics change, finances go haywire, and you constantly fear losing your loved one. It is hard to cope with the stress it generates. If you feel any cancer symptoms in your body or are going to undergo cancer treatment singapore, this article prepares you mentally and physically for the challenges ahead.

What are the Treatments you might be suggested?

While treating cancer, you might need to undergo different variations and combinations of treatments, like surgery, chemotherapy, laser surgery, cryosurgery, and radiation.

 These treatments are sometimes painful and come with many side effects.

If you are ready to undergo treatment, you should be well aware of the consequences of these treatments.

It may not be possible that it will end in one sitting. Therefore, beware of the negative outcome of the treatments as well.

The side effects of each treatment are as follows.

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Chemotherapy is using drugs to kill cancer cells. They are injected into the body or sometimes applied as ointment or cream on your skin. The immediate effect is hair loss, and you are advised to shave your head off before your hair starts to fall apart. It causes fatigue, nausea, and sometimes severe vomiting and diarrhea. Sometimes it also leads to infertility in some.


If your cancer is localized and there is no need to worry about its spread, then probably the doctor will suggest surgery to get rid of the cancerous tissues. Surgery is sometimes the least risky treatment while other times one of the most dangerous ones, depending on the type of cancer and its severity.


You pass high-energy particles into our body, targeting the cancerous cells to destroy them and keep them from growing and spreading. Radiation is not painful, but you might get rashes on the skin if you are hypersensitive.


Cancer is a life-altering disease, but it is curable, and treatments have proven so. Though the lessons and the scars given by the treatment and the disease remain throughout your life, cancer will not. Cancer treatments cost a fortune and often leave you and your loved ones in a very tough situation.