Types of leggings

There are a variety of options available in the market today. Apart from the simple denim colored leggings, there are printed leggings as well. Depending on where it sits on your waist, they fall into three categories—high rise leggings, mid-rise and low-waist.

Similar to jeans, slim fit styles assume a relaxed stretch over your legs, whereas skinny fit leggings adhere tightly over your figure. There are also other styles like the zipper leggings and the button leggings, both of which look stylish and can resemble jeans very closely. The latest trend is to have patterns on them, and floral leggings are a huge hit that are both feminine and fashionable.

Let us look at few different ways to style leggings properly, so we stand out.

  1. Printed leggings with long tops

When wearing ladies sportswear singapore, one important thing to remember is that they are different from other pants. They are similar to tights, and so it is best that you style it similar to when you would be wearing tights. Unless the printed leggings are worn with an appropriate top, it can look awkward. Since this fits snugly and emphasizes your natural curves very closely, a top that hits the waist or higher up isn’t the ideal match with a pair. A top that is too short would have your derriere being displayed prominently and it can be pretty uncomfortable for those watching you from behind.

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  1. Leggings with silk shirts or with shirts that have a defined waist

Leggings are pants that can enhance the overall look of a woman. It allows her to confidently show off her natural figure, and to look great in it. Hence, it is appropriate in most situations. Perfect for a casual day out with the girls, you can also wear it to work if you know how to style it well. When you wear it with a silk shirt left out and below the waist, or use a stylish waistband to define your waist, you can look sophisticated and stylish in it. Opt for a bold and vibrant top over your zipper jeans to look effortlessly stylish.

  1. High-rise leggings and fitted tops

High rise leggings versions are versatile stand out patterns and can serve you better than a regular pair of pants. It is more comfortable to sport in summer. You can also choose pairs in cotton or breathable fabric that make it pleasant to wear in any weather. Since this design will reduce the size and bulk of your lower half, you should balance it out with a top that seamlessly integrates the two halves of your body, or it wouldn’t be attractive.