The Best Delta-8 Products

Researchers at a recent biotech conference in New York City announced a breakthrough treatment, DELTA-8. Unlike the current treatments for cancer and HIV, this drug may actually destroy those diseases! More importantly, it may also kill parasites that spread malaria and worms that cause elephantiasis. The press has been quick to dub DELTA-8 as ‘The Cure.’

DELTA-8 drug is a research chemical that’s been sold online as a “dietary supplement” for several years for you to buy Delta-8 online legally, but was originally designed to treat serious conditions such as cancer and has been linked with at least one death.

In 2012, the drug became increasingly well-known after reports of people using it as an alternative to MDMA (ecstasy) or amphetamine. It produces many of the same effects as those stimulants such as euphoria and even delusional thinking. But health experts warn that the drug can be far more dangerous than ecstasy because its high potency means users do not know how much they are taking and so could easily overdose. Withdrawal symptoms include fatigue and aggression – just like those associated with other stimulants.

The drug is not illegal, but it has been linked with at least one death and anti-drug campaigners are now calling for it to be criminalized. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), which monitors drug use across Europe, has highlighted the dangers of taking DELTA-8 because there is no way of knowing how much is in a dose or pill. “It’s currently legal, but its dangers have been known about since the 1970s,” says Harry Shapiro from the charity DrugScope. “It seems that anyone can sell it online.”

In 2011, US newspapers reported that Leonard Johnson from Tampa Bay had died after taking 10 times the recommended dosage of DELTA-8 as an alternative to ecstasy. In August 2012, a second man from Florida – James Dronjak – died after taking the drug at a party with friends who had purchased it online. He was said to have been suffering from depression and had committed suicide by overdosing on delta 8 online.

In both deaths, police found empty packets of the drug. An investigation in Britain has also suggested that DeLacy’s death may have been linked to taking the drug.