Basic Feature Of A Good Website: An Overview

When setting up a website, there are many things you would need to look out for. What your buyers see at first is your homepage. This article will give you a summary of why you need to have an improved homepage:

  • Your homage gives the first impression, it’s what your customers see when they log into your website.
  • SEO search is improved.
  • it gives the impression of good customer service and establishes a level of trust with your audience
  • it differentiates you from your competitors.


What does it provide you with?


In homes, the welcome mat somewhat provides you, visitors, with a sense of belonging, same as the homepage that is beautifully designed so that your clients can see everything about your brands.

  • Builds your band – the homepage says a lot about your brand. it is like a welcome sign, it gives you a sense that they are welcome. It also represents everything you have to say about it. The logo must be clear and should not be something that won’t catch their attention or be too flashy.
  • Website copy – usually, brands would their home pages include lots of write-ups about their bands and what they do, however, you should know that you must not bore your potential customers or clients with a lot of articles, write-ups would end up boring them. so you need to do the minimum while also making them want more.
  • Design – your homepage does not necessarily have to be fancy or flashy. It must be done so that you do not only tell your clients that you are creative but also innovative. Make sure all the elements blend, colours are more natural and they blend.
  • Navigation – this is very important. Your clients should not have a problem with your homepage being difficult to navigate. it must be user-friendly and allow those who do not even know anything about tech to be able to browse through.
  • must be linked to your social media. Your homepage, asides from selling your band should also allow you to connect with your clients. It must be linked to your social media pages, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Instagram so customers can contact you directly for inquiries on things they might not see on your homepage. These social media accounts too shall have links directing you, followers, to your homepage.

Having a good homepage would help you get noticed fast since this is the first thing many would see when they check it.