Usually there are various problems faced by the woman after postpartum such as postpartum Blues where symptoms ranges from tiredness, sadness and difficulty in thinking, this happens only because of the sudden decrease in maternal hormones and mothers may feel tired so they cannot there feed their baby with breast milk, usually breast milk are not formed for first two days after the delivery Anne there is slow increase in the breast milk production, Proper lactation supplements for the increase in breast milk, if you are looking for such foods online just visit the website how to boost breast milk where they provide numerous sources of lactation rich foods which act as  galactogogue, and act as resource of nutrients, minerals, vitamins which are essential for maintenance of lactating  mother as well as newborn

What are the foods which are reaching galactogogue

  • Yeast is that its source of nutrients and it also contains a lot of protein which indirectly helps the production of breast milk which is very essential for the baby for the maintenance as well as growth of the body
  • the second food is coconut products coconut products have a lot of antibacterial as well as antimicrobial property which is transferred from mother to the newborn directly through the breast milk, if this is transfer Is done it will be very helpful to fight against various microorganisms by the baby alone

how to boost breast milk

  • If you are looking for this kind of coconut products online just visit the website how to boost breast milk where numerous products available in the form of cookies, teas, ice creams you have to choose according to your wish and observe the change in breast milk production
  • also remember that there are other foods such as flax seeds, road loads, fenugreek seeds which has to be soaked in the water and has to be chewed thoroughly then only it will help to boost the breast milk production as these products are rich source of good fats, proteins, zinc acids etc
  • This zinc acids are also very useful in the recovery of the nipples as they are sucker by the baby which might get hurt and lacerated it can be healed only by taking selective zinc rich in products such as flax seeds, rolled oats, fenugreek seeds etc.,
  • By using all these products you can increase the breast milk production which is very esential in order to feed your newborn and also it provides immunity which is required and it is the only source of immunity provided by the mother to jail which is active immunity which will work throughout the life of the child