Why People Pick Flush plates | Bathroom Taps

It is not for everybody, but the flush plate is the way to go for many people. Whether it’s a plumbing issue or preference, we’ve covered you. Want to know what flush plates are? Keep reading this post!


Simply put, a flush plate is a flat surface at the bottom of your sink designed to collect water from the pipes and disperse it into your home’s drain system. While this may sound like it defeats the purpose of controlling water usage — which has been proven to work well in most cases — if you’re using an efficient low-flow faucet, these plates can help save utilities and money year-round.


The reason is simple. Without australian tapware, water sits in the sink. Over time, this creates a disgusting mold/mildew buildup (I’m sure nobody wants to consider having mold growing on their sink). On the other hand, with a plate installed in your sink, there is no build-up and no water pooling.


Installation of flush plates is also straightforward as they have pre-existing fittings for the holes where you can easily place them. However, it may take some time to get used to using them if you’re not used to them or prefer other styles of under-sink plumbing.


The water is clean and relatively undisturbed when it reaches the drain system, which means any minerals, bacteria, etc., don’t have the chance to breed in your pipes.


Flush plates are also great for families because they prevent “sink flooding,” which is a term that refers to water pooling in the sink. If your toilet overflows while you are out of town or having a party, it can be pretty inconvenient and embarrassing, especially if you have young children (how are they supposed to know where this water has been?).


Efficient flush plates come in multiple styles, with several varieties available depending on your irrigation needs. However, whether you’re looking for a standard, one-hole flush plate or an under-mount mount flush plate, our plumbers can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.


Additionally, no matter what type of flush plate you choose, all the plates we carry are specially designed for easy installation. When you order a flush plate from our company, you’ll receive an easy-to-follow template with the plates installed with no drilling or cutting necessary. Your sink is ready to use right away with minimal fuss.


If you’re still unsure which kind of flush plate will be best for your home, don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime. We’re happy to help you find the perfect solution to your plumbing needs. 


Flush plates are a good choice for many people who want to control their water usage throughout the year and can help you save money. However, if you don’t like them or want something else, check out our other blog posts about under-sink plumbing.