What’s The Best Roofing Service In Detroit? 

Rock Solid Exteriors offers exceptional roofing services to customers in Macomb, Saint Clair, and Oakland counties. Their crew has the expertise to assist them, whether they require minor roofing framework repairs or a complete roof replacement.

Their roofers put up much effort into providing total customer satisfaction by acting with professionalism, punctuality, and knowledge. The final product is a roofing structure prepared to shield their house from the weather for many years. They may rely on the best roofing service in Detroit for their roofing needs because they have 25 years of experience in the field.

Inspection methods they use

They provide free roof assessments to homeowners considering roof restoration or replacement as part of their business strategy. Here’s how it functions:

  • They set up an appointment.

It all starts with a simple phone call; one of their employees will ask them a few questions about their house and schedule an appointment for the most convenient time.

  • They perform a complete roof inspection.

Their specialists come to the property to evaluate their complete roof. They’ll examine the condition of their drains, shingles, and whatever else is essential to the defense of their house.

  • They get an in-depth roofing report.

Once they have all the information, they compile it into a simple, easy-to-read roofing analysis containing all of their suggestions for a sturdier, healthier roof, along with new construction costs.

After all the paperwork, they begin with the construction.

Services for needDifferent roof projects

Their roof service is in the capable hands of their professionals, whether it involves flat roofs, metal roofs, or GAF designs. They put their extensive knowledge of the roofing sector to work for them.

  • Roof replacement

A long-lasting roofing system is necessary when setting up a new one. The experts at the best roofing service in Detroit will walk them through every roofing procedure phase to ensure their new roof will last. They’ll work with them to choose the roofing components, layout, and structure that best serve their residence’s or establishment’s objectives.

  • Quick Roof Repair

For many business owners and landlords, proper maintenance is also essential. The weather frequently attacks homes, and if their roof isn’t able to keep pace, it could result in roof leaks, windstorm damage, and other problems. Please make an appointment with them for a free assessment and consultation as soon as they notice roof damage at their residence or business.

When they reach out to Rock Solid Exteriors, the construction of their new roof and its materials are guaranteed. If there are any issues during their roof installation or after that, they’ll fix them without charging them another penny. Since their warranty can be passed on to new owners, their home’s value continues to be maintained!