What does a top arbitration & litigation lawyer Singapore do?

Many international contracts these days have an arbitration clause for the benefit of the parties. It provides a way to resolve disputes between the involved groups. In most cases, the parties involved in the contracts would not need the services of any top arbitration & litigation lawyer singapore has. However, it is better to stay on the safe side rather than be sorry later. So, one should know about the services of an arbitration lawyer and what they do.

  1. Case assessments

It is one of the first and primary tasks any arbitration lawyer does. The first study is the contract and the case to understand if the case is worth the financial and time investment of the client. They check the following parameters.

top arbitration & litigation lawyer singapore

  1. SWOT analysis of their client’s case like the claim and defense made and their validity
  2. Assessing the jurisdictional problems and enforcement issues possible
  3. Envisaging the opposition’s actual position in the scenario and finding their weaknesses and strength
  4. Advising their clients if arbitration is logical and advisable at all
  1. Bagging some third-party funding

Promising cases can lack some resources like appropriate fund amounts. So, if an arbitration lawyer finds their client with a particular case lacks funds, they can arrange for some third-party funding. Such favors are hard to garner for lawyers and their clients. However, they can bag some with other favors.

  1. Negotiations and settlements

Not every case or dispute reaches the court because settlements and negotiations outside also happen. The lawyers can assist their clients with such deals and signing NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements). Lawyers can also act as formal mediators for settlements and find a good end to their disputes.

  1. Applicable laws for such situations

Any top arbitration & litigation lawyer singapore should prepare for all the ups and downs in the case. They would need to prepare for the submissions, briefs, oral pleadings, etc. Hence, they would need to conduct deep legal analysis and mandatory research. It would help dig up facts and norms to build a strong case.

  1. Securing other legal experts

It is common for international disputes to have a panel of legal experts. It is essential because laws for such disputes may vary between countries. So, it is wise to have experts on board from the two (or more) countries on the legal panel. So, they would also need to contact people and pull strings as and when needed.

So, with these roles, an arbitration lawyer plays a significant role in solving international disputes.