Shop Catnip Spray Online With Ease And At An Affordable Price

As one may have often seen – cats enjoy playing and often roll around in toys covered in catnip. And no matter how much the memes tease the cats being ‘high’ on catnip, not all cats behave the same when consuming catnip, let it be directly or through a toy or a spray. However, for those aiming to give catnip to their cats but not willing to buy toys specifically induced with catnip, shop catnip spray online as a cheaper and easier alternative.

Catnip spray, as the name suggests, is catnip in a spray form that is very easy to handle and use and can prevent the cat from licking for more without its owner’s permission. After all, too much catnip may cause its temperament to become unbearably preppy and active for a while to handle properly.

Benefits of catnip spray

Catnip in itself is a relaxant that acts as a mild sedative for cats. They release a ‘happy hormone’ in their brain, making them enjoy eating it even more. In such instances, a catnip spray is more beneficial to have than the powdered form of the catnip as the cats may sniff it out and attempt to eat it themselves. To avoid such a scenario, having a spray is a much safer and more reliable option.

shop catnip spray online

Furthermore, a catnip spray is very easy to use and controls the amount of catnip being used. This can help one control the catnip intake of their cat while also using it as a manner of training or distraction during the trimming of their nails and grooming.

In addition to that, since catnips are non-addictive but get high enthusiasm from the cats, it can be used as a good alternative to get the cats comfortable around new toys or a new place by conditioning them to like it through spraying the catnip around the desired area. This helps in levelling the temperament of the cat as well and makes the adjustment to a new place, thing or activity quite easier.


In the end, catnip is like an extra-special treat that can be used as a reward or a playtime material for cats. However, it should be used in small dosages and not too regularly or in a concentrated form – more so for the better enjoyment of the cat than anything. With proper usage, a catnip spray can be used as a good training and playtime tool without any repercussions.