How to get rid of worms in the toilet quickly

It is essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the environment. Although getting rid of worms in the toilet might be difficult, it is necessary to keep the area clean and sanitary. You may take the following actions to get rid of these undesirable visitors.

What you can do

Find out what kind of worm you have: The first step in getting rid of worms in the toilet is to figure out what kind of worm you have. This will enable you to choose the most effective way to get rid of them. Drain flies, fruit flies, and moth flies are a few typical forms of worms found in toilets.

Clean the toilet: It is essential to completely clean the toilet bowl, the surrounding region, and the pipes before trying to get rid of the worms. To get rid of any organic residue that could be luring the worms, use a toilet cleanser and a scrub brush.

Eliminate standing water: Because worms are drawn to moisture, it’s important to get rid of any standing water near the toilet. Make sure you search the toilet’s rim and base for any water that may be accumulating and get rid of it.

Utilize chemical solutions: Bleach or vinegar are examples of chemical solutions that may be used to kill worms. Fill the toilet bowl with a cup of bleach or white vinegar, let it rest for several hours, and then flush. To get rid of the worms, keep doing this.

Use natural remedies: If you’d rather avoid using chemicals, you may give natural remedies a go. Neem oil, diatomaceous earth, and boric acid are all capable of eliminating worms. To get rid of the worms, sprinkle these ingredients within the pipes and around the base of the toilet.

Block access points: It’s critical to block any entry points in order to keep worms out of the toilet in the future. Look for any cracks or holes in the pipes, then patch them using silicone caulk. Make careful to look for any cracks at the toilet’s base and seal them with silicone caulk.

Maintain excellent hygiene: Keeping up with good hygiene is the last step in getting rid of worms in the toilet. Keep the bathroom well-ventilated, regularly clean the toilet, and wash your hands to avoid the formation of germs and other organic debris that can attract worms.


You should be able to get rid of the worms in your toilet and maintain a clean and sanitary atmosphere by following these instructions. Remember, you need to take action right away if you see worms in your toilet in order to stop them from growing and becoming a larger issue.