Get The Best Home Diabetes Care For You

Food provides the human body with the sugar or glucose that is the main energy source. Insulin helps glucose convert into energy and distribute it to the different parts of the body. When there is a high level of glucose inside the body in the lack of insulin or poor utilization of insulin, diabetes conditions occur. Read this article to learn about home diabetes care.

Types of Diabetes

  • Type 1 diabetes develops during childhood itself, and autoimmune is the case.
  • Type 2 diabetes happens in middle-aged and older people when they don’t take care of their diets or exercise properly.
  • Gestational diabetes happens during pregnancy, and it usually goes away after delivery.

How can you manage your diabetes?

home diabetes care

Five essential factors decide the blood sugar level, and if you get a hold of them, you can tackle your diabetes. These factors are blood glucose level, weight, diet, the amount of physical activity you do, and medications. If an app wants to help people, it needs to consider these five factors. There are a lot of variations in different diabetes management apps as they target different functions in the human body.

According to a study that involved 24 apps, 16 of them have the function of blood glucose and less than 16 for the medication. One factor that was common in most of them was diet, and some of them even included physical activity management. There was approximately one-third of the apps also tracked the weight of the person and put that into consideration. It is safe to say that not a single app has all management functions, so you need the one which contains most if not all of it.

Examples of apps that you can rely on

  • Accu-check connect management app- It has wireless meters to give the results and you don’t need to write your log into this. The graphs are easy to read and understand, and it has the log feature of all the five management factors of exercise, weight, sugar level, medication, and diet.
  • Glucose buddy– It has one entry for your diet, glucose level, and medication. It shows you how different food affects your sugar level and tracks any changing trends in your weight, sugar level, insulin production, and blood pressure. You can transfer that data into the pdf report and show your doctor.

You should choose reliable apps that use most of the management factors to help you.